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The principle of the snail : with your red ball, run the itinerary, collect all your red stones and go to the center of the shell (21) before the computer (blue ball and blue stones).

To begin : before the toss, you choose how many stones to pick.
To pick à stone, it is necessary to arrive exactly on its place. Before throwing the dice, you can choose the moving direction (buttons Forward and Back) and the best dice (piece : 1,2) (tetra : 1,2,3,4) (cube : 1,2,3,4,5,6) ( diamond : 1,2,...,11,12)

Warning : arriving on a stone of the computer requires restart (point 0 !)

You may enlarge or shrink the screen play (Ctrl + or Ctrl -)
To play full screen press F11.

This game has been designed and produced by Daniel Déjardin.
The rights of reproduction and adaptation must be requested through the Contact page of this website "Contefleur".
© The snail game
Author Daniel Déjardin
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