© Original mahjong
© Rule of this mahjong

This game use 136 images named tiles : 34 different families.
Tiles are placed en three floors. First 7 lines of twelve, then 5 lines of 8 and 3 lines of 4 on the top.

Purpose of the game : Discover the hidden photo by clicking all the tiles.
For this you have to associate tiles by pairs. Exemple onion-aubergine oder pencil yellow-pencil blue oder oak leaf-maple leaf.
The Aid button indicates which image you may select.

A tile is clickable if it is at the end of a colored line (yellow, beige or grey).

You may enlarge or shrink the map (Ctrl + or Ctrl -)
To play full screen press F11.

This game has been designed and produced by Daniel Déjardin.
The rights of reproduction and adaptation must be requested through the Contact page of this website "Contefleur".
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