Little horses game.

Aim of the game : return all horses in the stable (6-5-4-3...) before the computer.
To begin, you choose your color by clicking in a colorful horse picture, your computer also chose.
A drawing lot says who begins.
To play, when it's your turn, click on the button "Start the dice." If you have a 6, you may enter your first horse.
Then, click the button corresponding to a horse to move it.
To put a new horse in the race, you must make a new 6 and must not have a horse on your start point.
Make a 6 allows playing again.
You can pass a horse placed before.
You can have several horses on the same point.
If you arrive exactly on à point occupied by a horse of the computer, you "kill" it.
To get a horse to the stable, it must first be on the point indicated by a small colored triangle.
it is necessary to do 6 for the first horse, 5 for the second horse etc...
Who goes first four horses in the stable won !

This game has been designed and produced by Daniel Déjardin.
The rights of reproduction and adaptation must be requested through the Contact page of this website "Contefleur".
© Little horses
Author Daniel Déjardin

Choose your team
by clicking a horse.
You :
PC :