© Domino
© Domino

To play, you must use your mouse.
To win :
You must place all your dominoes on the way before your computer.
To begin, you draw your 7 dominos by clicking 7 times the Draw button.
The game :
A new lottery says who starts.
At your turn, you must click a domino that has the same number of points as an end of the played dominoes.
If you can't play but have free cells, you must "Draw". You obtain a new domino and can (perhaps) play it.
If you can't play nether "Draw", click the "Pass" button.

You may enlarge or shrink the map (Ctrl + or Ctrl -)
To play full screen press F11.

This game has been designed and produced by Daniel Déjardin.
The rights of reproduction and adaptation must be requested through the Contact page of this website "Contefleur".